Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate Study

The curriculum of Advertising, Digital and Graphic Design allows to obtain diverse professional competence. The basis of the program are vocational subjects, corresponding to the main market trends of contemporary graphic design, taught by active specialists. This is complemented by a set of introductory courses in topics related to brand and project managment providing a thorough understanding of the recipients of visual communication.

Students after two semesters have two specializations to choose from: Advertising and Editorial Design or Digital Design. After the first year, they prepare a portfolio and submit it to their chosen specialization. Classification is made on the basis of a portfolio and abilities of the student.

Benefits of the course:

  • original program enriches the competences of a graphic designer with skills in marketing and promotion – this combination gives you the opportunity to work both in the marketing departments of companies in which you will deal with planning and graphical realization of promotional activities and advertising agencies, as an independent graphic designer,
  • business partners and internship providers – Malopolski Graphic Cluster together with other companies, advertising agencies and design studios – show us how to plan a course program according to the needs of employers,
  • two specializations and eight specialized courses – allow you to gain detailed knowledge of the field in such a way that allows you consciously choose your way of specialization,
  • program is enriched with internships in advertising agencies, marketing departments and companies from the sectors of advertising, publishing, games and multimedia,
  • seminars with practitioners who know the realities of the market and have the most updated knowledge and skills,
  • study program provides knowledge of specialized skills required in the profession, among others, web designing, preparing files for print, and creating infographics, videos and animations,
  • computer labs with Adobe CC,
  • English course starts from A2 level, and ends with an exam of English at B2 level.

Future jobs:

Graphic designer of advertising graphics or creator of multimedia content:

  • advertising agencies,
  • design studios,
  • publishing houses,
  • printing houses,
  • multimedia agencies,
  • producers of games, applications and websites materials
  • freelancers running their own companies.

Employee of a marketing/promotion department in companies of different fields.

Master study in the field of graphic design, marketing or areas of art and culture.