Web Design

Web Design

Designing for the Internet are subjects within the scope of Digital Design. The skills acquired in such classes as interface design, UX Design (designing user experience) and the design of websites will help graduates to place themselves on the market as professional websites designers. Website design is also introduced on postgraduate Advertising Graphic Design.

  • Wojciech Szymański

    Wojciech Szymański

    Wojciech Szymański Associated with with the Internet industry since 2000. Expert in E-PR and…

  • Monika Jangrot

    Monika Jangrot

    Monika Jangrot She graduated from Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of…

  • Ruben Buraczek

    Ruben Buraczek

    Ruben Buraczek A graduate of Television & Film Production at the Faculty of Creative…