Multimedia or photography and video! Classes in photography and basics of animation are introduced already in the first year for both specializations of Advertising, Digital and Graphic Design: Advertising and Editorial Design and Digital Design. The more advanced workshops on film processing, audio and animation, and creating multimedia advertising as well as courses of Adobe Premier and Adobe Dreamweaver are run only for specialization Digital Design. In the third year students have classes also in the audio lab.

Postgraduate Advertising Graphic Design have photo editing classes.

  • Przemysław Świda

    Przemysław Świda

    Przemysław Świda A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, animator, graphic…

  • Marcin Romański

    Marcin Romański

    Marcin Romański Photographer, practitioner, for several years professionally engaged in advertising photography and portraits.…

  • Grzegorz Pawłowski

    Grzegorz Pawłowski

    Grzegorz Pawłowski Graphic designer, web designer, motion designer with many years of coaching experience.…