How to apply for undergraduate study

How to apply for undergraduate study

Submit your application between April 3 and 31 July 2017.

Remember, your PORTFOLIO IS the most important part of your application. Spend on it the maximum time. Do not be discourages if you do not think you have enough skill or experience. It is we who teach you everything. You only need to convince us that you have the CAPABILITY to become a great designer.

You renovate bikes and turn them into true masterpieces, you love gardening and you are proud of your garden, you shoot funny videos with your smartphone, you have a beautiful handwriting, paint murals, draw a malicious caricature of the aunts you do not like – document it and send it to us.

Below you find a step by step application process:

1. Registration

Start by filling in the application form, which you can find on the website of the university or in the Admissions Office.

2. Entry fees, application fee and documents

All the required documents together with PORTFOLIO should be submitted in the Admissions Office online (recommended), in person or by mail, between 3 April and 31 July 2017.

3. Confirmation of enrollment

You can check the confirmation of enrollment by logging into your application profile which is created when you register online. A written confirmation, together with a copy of the contract for the provision of educational services will be delivered by mail.

4. Signing of the agreement and starting your study

After receiving the confirmation of enrollment you must sign a copy of the contract for the provision of educational services and the oath and deliver them (in person or by mail) to the Admission Office. You will find your classes schedule on your application profile before the start of the academic year as well as the necessary information that will be useful during the study.

The required application documents:

  • high school diploma (original or photocopy).
  • completed application form (available here) or online registration,
  • 2 photographs (including at least one in accordance with the requirements applicable when issuing identity documents)
  • photocopy of your id or passport,
  • photocopy of receipt of enrollment fee (150 zł) and registration fee (300 zł) payment – both amounts shall be paid into account number:
    11 1050 1445 1000 0022 7132 3038
    Tischner European University

with a note ENROLLMENT FEE (those not accepted to the college will receive a refund of the entry fee).

The required documents should be submitted (in person or by mail) to the Admissions Office between 3 April and 31 July 2017.

Your baccalaureate is as important as your PORTFOLIO. Below you will find how we convert the points of your baccalaureate.

New baccalaureate "Nowa matura"

Candidates are accepted based on the results of the baccalaureate exam (written part):

– Polish language:

  1. Basic 1% = 1 point
  2. expanded 1% = 2 points

– A modern foreign language:

  1. Basic 1% = 1 point
  2. expanded 1% = 2 points

– Selected subject: English, German, Spanish, French, Latin language and ancient culture, the language of a national minority, ethnic minority language, mathematics, history, geography, social studies, art history, music history:

  1. Basic 1% = 1 point
  2. expanded 1% = 2 points

Old baccalaureate "Stara matura"

Candidates are accepted on the basis of a competition of secondary education diplomas, including the final assessment of the 5 subjects: Polish language, foreign language, mathematics, history, geography or WOS.


You shall also submit your own PORTFOLIO in the field of visual arts, together with a statement of its authorship. PORTFOLIO may include photographs, video, and digital or traditional (drawing, painting) graphics. Works can be submitted in digital form (as pdf, jpg, avi stored on a memory stick) or traditional (paper, canvas prints, etc.). The minimum number of works: 5, maximum: 10.

The assessment of PORTFOLIO can get you extra points according to the following criteria:

  • creative approach to the subject (0–60 points),
  • ability to adapt to the objectives of the project (0–40 points),
  • The candidate may receive a maximum of 100 points for the PORTFOLIO assessment.

Admission Office
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tel. +48 12 683 24 04/07