Application requirements

Application for the courses is held between April 3 and July 31. Documents can be submitted on-line (recommended) or in person at the university.

Apart from meeting the standard requirements, candidates must provide PORTFOLIO containing works from the visual arts. PORTFOLIO can contain either photo, video, or/and digital graphics or traditional (drawing, painting). The works should be provided in digital form (as pdf, jpg, avi stored on an electronic device, or uploaded directly to a server (recommended) or in the traditional form (works on paper, prints). The minimum number of required works – 3, maximum – 5. PORTFOLIO must be accompanied by a statement about the authorship of the work. Terms of application and other documents are available for download here.

Starting February 2, during the academic year, the university launches consultations for candidates.

Consultations for Candidates

Thursday, 11.30–13.00
Advertising, Digital and Graphic Design
Tischner European University
ul. Westerplatte 11, hall A1

An attractive opportunity to gain a scholarship (covering tuition costs) is Win a Scholarship” competition. More information here.